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Thu Oct 30 07:03:25 EDT 2008

be seen from inside.

The XOCamp has been delayed, but this doesn't mean we need to stop any
work. Stuff that is going to be worked on in the near future can still
be discussed as we have been doing to date. I personally am not fully
convinced of the XOCamp idea, but Scott is a smart guy and, as I still
haven't attended properly to one, am happy to give him the benefit of
the doubt.

Some people from outside have decided to visit Boston for some days,
is their trip not useful because the XOCamp has been delayed? I don't
think so at all! We have been working together for a long time and
these have been exciting times. We surely have lots to talk, share,
discuss, etc

I'm confident that when the remotes come back to their homes, the work
atmosphere will have improved significantly and this will reflect in
our productivity.

So, plans have changed, but are things really so bad?



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