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Bill Kerr billkerr at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 09:16:59 EDT 2008

Hi Michael,

Can you add your use cases on this page for tracking?


That page includes some older stuff and some newer stuff so it could be 
re-organized and then linked from the [[Feature roadmap]] page.

Let me know how it goes. I have an outstanding task on my to do list to 
create more detailed use cases. If you can make progress on this and 
keep me in the loop, I can focus on other things or other cases.

I'm also interested in coming up with examples of "learning 
interactions" which we will help us define end to end workflows for XO 
users. So I'm interested to talk about this next month too.


Greg S

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Walter Bender wrote:
 > >2. What would creating a Sugar Activity require from me and what
 > >benefits would it bring?

I've been pondering this question in some depth for the last week using
my list summarization problem as a model. In hopes of offering something
useful to other people facing this question, I have also started an
outline covering some of the challenges and goals I have discovered


in preparation for a talk that I intend to give on this subject in
November. Would you care to speak alongside me?

 > >7. ?Qu?? ?C?mo? ?Por qu?? ?Para qui?: We also discussed the role that
 > >a portfolio might play in Sugar. What? How? Why? For who? are
 > >questions that are part of the teacher/student discourse in Peru. They
 > >are also questions that are important to the "select-reflect-perform"
 > >cycle of portfolio assessment. Scott, Rafael, Sebastian and I spend
 > >quite a bit of time discussion possible approaches to building a
 > >Portfolio Activity (we agreed that it makes sense to make it a
 > >separate Activity from the Journal for the time being). My
 > >hair-brained idea is to make a Turtle-Art-like snap-together
 > >programing Activity to create narrative presentations from items
 > >selected from the Journal. I'll make some sketches in the coming days
 > >and post them to the wiki. The team at the ministry was very upbeat
 > >about portfolio tools, regardless of the implementation details.

This work sounds like it complements another talk I hope to give in
November describing several conversations I've had recently with a mixed
tech/learning-team audience on the subject of "how can small activities
be combined to make bigger activities?". We have proceeded by
identifying three model use cases:

    1) Going on a hike:

        a) Making a manifest of what to take which can be refined for
        future trips.
        b) Recording beautiful scenes that I pass.
        c) Taking measurements at my destination.
        d) Returning and combining my measurements and observations with
        those of friends who went on similar hikes to other destinations.

    2) Developing a recipe:

        a) Writing a recipe draft and recording the stages of preparation.
        b) Sending the draft to a friend who will try to follow the recipe
           and who will suggest improvements.

    3) Running a physics jam:

        a) Preparing for the jam by snagging some sample physics-based
        b) Making a new physics-based activity, perhaps by modifying one
        of the samples.
        c) Capturing developer commentaries and screenshots explaining the
        new activity as it is created.
        d) Publishing the results to, e.g., a wiki.

which we are in the process of exploring with paper mockups.


   * Do you have favorite model interactions that you'd like to share?

   * Anyone else want to talk about this subject in November besides
     Walter and me?

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