[sugar] [IAEP] sugar-toolkit bindings

Bert Freudenberg bert
Tue Oct 21 07:21:30 EDT 2008

Am 21.10.2008 um 11:19 schrieb Aleksey Lim:

> Hello,
> What about activities in not only Python (or thats "not a laptop  
> project!"
> but "not not Python project!":). I started implementing basic API  
> for Ruby and
> realized that it isn't worth to do - the right(and common) way is C  
> API.
> Thats why I've started porting sugar-toolkit package to C.
> The common idea is - using pygtk-codegen's .defs files to generate  
> binding code
> for other langs (not only for Python). I hope I write basic C  
> code(about 50%)
> and thats good idea to know what does sugar community thing about  
> this (I am not
> familiar with sugar).

The Sugar developers list is a better place to discuss this:


IMHO it's not worth replicating sugar-toolkit in C (and certainly not  
*yet*, given the API is still in flux). The D-Bus API is reasonably  
easy to use and independent of your choice of language. See


- Bert -

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