[sugar] [support-gang] Postponement of XOCamp Event to January

Deepak Saxena dsaxena at laptop.org
Thu Oct 30 01:52:44 EDT 2008

Hi Scott,

>> Trellis is Philip Eby's simplified, pseudo-STM based async processing system
>> for Python:
>>    <http://pypi.python.org/pypi/Trellis>
> Cute!
> Better Chandler doc references to Trellis would still be nice.  From
> the Chandler docs I get a vague idea that Trellis is being used to
> keep various bits of data up-to-date, and I *think* the 'current time'
> is treated as a trellis variable as well, but a "big picture" overview
> could be helpful.  Is there a regular second-by-second tick which is
> being propagated through Trellis to trigger events, or what?

The documentation feedback is much appreciated.

I updated the documentation a bit today, hopefully it reads a little
more clearly from start to finish (with important basic concepts first,
imagine that).

Particularly, I added a link to TrellisActivity at the top of


which is the actual answer to your question; Trellis is designed to
integrate with an event loop and update time dependent cells in a batch
when time ticks past a Timer cell's trigger time.  As I re-read that
sentence it seems like gobbledygook, probably better to just read the
TrellisActivity documentation ;)

Probably there should be a one or two paragraph explanation of Trellis
somewhere early on, but I haven't figured out where yet.


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