[sugar] 0.84/9.1 planning.

Ed McNierney ed
Tue Oct 14 19:01:03 EDT 2008

We need to figure out how to start work that takes more than 5 - 6 months
NOW.  I'm concerned that if we start the 9.2 planning meeting "after 9.1",
we will (yet again) discover that there's no time to do anything that takes
more than about 5 months.  We need to break that cycle and try to figure out
how to get the *most important* work started right away, whether that work
is deliverable in a 9.1 timeframe, a 9.2 timeframe, or longer.

> In the past we have divided tasks into "next release" and "future
> release" where the "future" really means "never" because we don't do
> *any* of the work in the "next release" timeframe.  That needs to
> stop.  *Everything* we want in a "future release" must have *some*
> piece we can do now, so that we continue to make progress on our
> long-term goals.

Yes, I very much agree with this sentiment, so I don't think we disagree
much on the overall goals but need to reach a bit more consensus on the
implementation details.  I just want to acknowledge that the "*some* piece
we can do now" might not produce anything shippable in a 9.1 timeframe.  Or
perhaps it's something shippable but not usable, so we do ship something in
9.1 that's really only a partial implementation so not many users need to
know or care about it.  I'm OK with considering any approach that lets us
start that kind of work soon.

    - Ed

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