[sugar] Window manager support for standard applications

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpgritti
Sun Oct 12 07:11:02 EDT 2008


I spent some time trying to nail down the concrete changes we will need to
properly support standard desktop applications in Sugar 0.84. Here are some
notes. It's *not* a huge amount of work and I think we should really do it.

1 sugar.graphics.icon needs support for pixbufs #8661.

2 jarabe.model.shell should use a SnMonitor instead of dbus to listen for
startup notifications.

3 sugar.activity.activityfactory should use SnLauncher to notify startup
instead of a dbus call to shell. I don't think it's worth to use
GdkAppLaunchContext yet. It's just a tiny layer over libsn and it would
introduce a strong dependency on gtk 2.14/glib 2.18. Furthermore we will
need to interface directly with libsn for the Monitor anyway.

4 jarabe.model.shell.Activity should provide the icon as a pixbuf instead of
a path (or maybe additionally).

5 sugar.graphics.icon shoud be able to xo-color pixbufs. We can specify two
conventional colors (+ transparency) and replace them with the xo colors
(only when there are not other colors in the pixbuf.

6 jarabe.model.shell.Activity should provide his icon on the base of WM_ICON
and SnMonitor::icon_name.

7 The activity_id X property on the activity window should be completely
optional, unless the activity supports collaboration.

8 sugar.activity should set WM_ICON instead of the bundle_id X property.

9 jarabe.* should not use the bundle_id X property.

10 jarabe.desktop.activitieslist and jarabe.desktop.favorites view should
additionally look into /usr/share/applications/*.desktop. We might want to
use gio + GdkAppLaunchContext here and degrade gracefully on systems with
gtk < 2.14.

11 replace matchbox with a more traditional desktop window manager, with the
ability to fullscreen windows when appropriate.

Sayamindu provided a patch for 1 which I'm going to review asap. I should be
able to work on 2 - 9 but I'd really appreciate help with some of these
(Sayamindu?). I'd like someone else to take care of 10 - 11 (Scott?

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