[sugar] adding versions to journal/datastore

Mikus Grinbergs mikus
Wed Oct 8 00:29:19 EDT 2008

I'm not comfortable with the value of supporting multiple "versions" 
within the datastore.  Why should the run-of-the-mill user need to 
refer to obsolete versions of the information in the datastore ?

> being able to inspect the intermediate states is important
> for reflecting about the creation process.

Here is the first cogent argument I've seen in favor of multiple 
versions.  But how is this "inspection" to take place?  The 
principal tool available on the XO is 'diff' -- and even that was 
being omitted from builds for a while.

I expect many of the systems running Sugar to have small screens. 
Those would not be enough for a side-by-side presentation of "before 
and after".

The question is - how often would "reflecting on the creation 
process" be used.  If infrequently, the user himself could perform 
the necessary versioning - at the first stopping point, enter 'Poem 
about clouds, v.1' in the Title field in Write, and press 'keep'. 
At the next stopping point, replace the '1' in the Title with '2' 
and press 'keep' again, etc.   The result is a set of "versions", 
each stored with a different name.

The point I am making is that by providing "versioning" in the 
datastore, what is saved is additional effort by the user.  Is that 
savings big enough to justify the implementing of "versioning" ?


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