[sugar] alt-tabbing to the Journal

Martin Dengler martin
Wed Oct 8 00:54:15 EDT 2008

On Tue, Oct 07, 2008 at 10:51:50PM -0400, Walter Bender wrote:
> > 2) the Journal always appearing below the XO icon
> If only. But only at first boot. The icon below the XO icon is always
> whatever activity currently selected in the Activity View.
> The bottom line is that, at least as far as the XO is concerned (and
> other machines with limited memory and no swap) the list of activities
> to tab through, with or without the Journal, is going to be a short
> list, so is it really such a pressing issue?

Have you tabbed past the Journal on an XO recently with Browse and
Help open (or two other activities)?  I have, on joyrides and
candidate 8.2.0 builds. The bottom line answer is: 1) Yes, for me
(every time I tab past it I hate that it hangs the XO for a second or
so while the Journal list view updates with n more odd entries, where
n is the number of open activities); and, given I'm not the target


2) have you ever seen a kid do it?  If they were fine with it I'll
happily shut up and just patch my own system (and please just close
#6251).  As with #8337, I am amazed that people would put up with this
type of performance, so I either assume I'm some sort os speed freak
or nobody's actually using some of this stuff on the hardware that's
being deployed.

And as far as limited memory and no swap, requests to fix the hardware
(more RAM for G1G1/deployments) or the non-Sugar software (compcache,
#28) exist, but they don't appear to be fixable...doesn't mean we
can't nitpick (this is the internet :)).

> I'd love the same passion developed to some of the issues/topics that
> impact the learning.

I'd love to have the time.  I feel bad all I have is enough just to
nitpick on stuff like this :(.

> How can we make the Journal better, regardless of how we open it and
> regardless of whether we consider it an activity or part of Sugar
> core?

- It can not have n instances of "Clock Activity" and "Terminal
  Activity" and "[xxx] Activity", where n is the number of times I've
  Alt-tabbed past the journal

- it can have multi-selection

- Any/all ideas can be implemented

...you know all this, and this sub-thread is rhetorical as far as I'm
involved, except for:

- We can come to quicker resolution on these small issues that people
  raise, one way or the other.  Having the illusion of having a choice
  makes people spend time discussing it.  #6251 was opened *8* months
  ago.  I'd get over my issues/spam tendencies (by sucking it up, or
  maintaining my own patch for it as I already do other things)
  quicker if someone just closed the ticket or otherwise said WONTFIX.
  Or has someone told me that and I'm too blockheaded to notice :).  I
  think in fact Tomeu may have been trying to do this, so consider
  this the death throes of the issue, it seems, as there is no support
  for a change besides the four people that commented on the ticket
  and are not Eben.

As a further thought, for feature/design requests, sometimes it might
be nice, after some discussion, to close the ticket and don't do
anything more unless there's a patch.  Put up or shut up is a fine
thing to say to someone capable of making a patch (and under-said by
Sugar/OLPC, IMHO), and many of us are able to handle a WONTFIX without
making a stink about it forevermore :).

> -walter

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