[sugar] Question from Uruguay

Gary C Martin gary
Mon Oct 6 10:46:02 EDT 2008

On 6 Oct 2008, at 15:27, Walter Bender wrote:

> I agree that it isn't very obvious from the Activities page how to
> find the Actvities/All page. I can imagine a
> non-native-English-speaking child not having an easy time of it
> either. Seems the pendulum has swung pretty far towards G1G1 and away
> from kids.
> -walter

Yea, as an Activity developer it confused me too. Took me a while to  
spot the All link (usually skip past all the -now out of date - noise  
at the top of the Activities page). Still also some what confused  
about where I can edit wiki Activity release versions, as there seem  
to be even more pages with links now, and many are now locked. I guess  
we're in lock-down/panic mode for a while until G1G1v2 details/ 
workflow clears through.


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