[sugar] content bundle development

Gary C Martin gary
Sun Oct 5 14:03:51 EDT 2008

On 5 Oct 2008, at 17:48, Walter Bender wrote:

> You should only need an index.html file that points to your PDF.
> <html>
> <meta http-equiv="refresh"
> content="0;url=file:///home/olpc/Library/[bundle name]/[PDF
> name].pdf">
> </html>
> In the library/library.info file, there should be an activity_start
> entry as per:
> activity_start = index.html
> In theory, make_index.py reads this line from the info file when
> generating its index.

Philippe, why not just distribute the pdf, as a pdf? What benefit is  
there in making a single pdf into Library bundle (unless you're just  
testing the process)?

I must admit to not liking some of the old Library content, much of it  
Browse just copies into the Journal, then you have to resume the new  
pdf entry with Read, if you forget something is a pdf and have already  
viewed it, you end up with multiple copies in the Journal. Seems a bit  
backwards to me, I guess it makes the Library interface a zip archive  
utility for installing pdfs into the Journal.

Apologies if you were just testing the bundle process.


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