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Sun Nov 16 07:35:38 EST 2008

was rather for other distributors of Sugar, in case they wanted to put
their brand in Sugar.

I can see how Debian would like for example to place their logo and
distro version in the control panel, and I personally think that if
all distros could agree, would be nice to do so in a way that involves
just placing some icons and perhaps text files somewhere on disk.

This fits in a more general case of distributor-specific stuff, like
school server specifics, XO-specific power management, etc.

I expected we'd have some discussion about how best to tailor Sugar to
different environments, but seems that it got side tracked ;)



> On 12/6/08 8:34 AM, "Tomeu Vizoso" <tomeu at> wrote:
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>> Add Fedora logo to Sugar
>> We've agreed to include the Fedora logo in our Sugar distributions.
>> (Is this an OLPC agreement, or something SugarLabs should be doing in
>> general?) I've added some thoughts to the ticket (Trac #8767) , but
>> I'd like to get some more feedback and finalize a plan so this doesn't
>> become a last-minute problem.
>> ~~~
>> SugarLabs wants to help distributions ship Sugar but isn't in the
>> distribution business itself. Distributions are free to take the code
>> we release and modify it at will to better suit their interests. Now,
>> if distros want to be able to incorporate their brands in the Sugar UI
>> and would prefer not to have to apply their own patches to every
>> release, we could devise some way for distros to brand their Sugars
>> without patching code.
>> Distro people: what would you like to do regarding branding?
>> Thanks,
>> Tomeu
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