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Sun Nov 16 07:35:38 EST 2008

Add Fedora logo to Sugar
We've agreed to include the Fedora logo in our Sugar distributions.
(Is this an OLPC agreement, or something SugarLabs should be doing in
general?) I've added some thoughts to the ticket (Trac #8767) , but
I'd like to get some more feedback and finalize a plan so this doesn't
become a last-minute problem.


SugarLabs wants to help distributions ship Sugar but isn't in the
distribution business itself. Distributions are free to take the code
we release and modify it at will to better suit their interests. Now,
if distros want to be able to incorporate their brands in the Sugar UI
and would prefer not to have to apply their own patches to every
release, we could devise some way for distros to brand their Sugars
without patching code.

Distro people: what would you like to do regarding branding?



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