[sugar] Sucrose 0.81.1 Development Release

Simon Schampijer simon
Mon May 26 13:55:22 EDT 2008

Watch out your teeth!

The new Sucrose[1] 0.81.1 Development Release is out!

This release has the following news and instructions to test the release in 
sugar-jhbuild: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sucrose_0.81.1 You can find the news as 
well at the end of this email. We skipped pippy and the log activity since the code 
had difficulties on non XO platforms. We have fixes already so they will be ready 
in the next release.

If your feature missed that train, don't be sad the next cycle is already on in two 
weeks http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Roadmap#Timeline

Thanks to everyone who made this release possible!

In behalf of the sugar community,
    Your release team

[1] Sucrose 

Glucose modules
     * sugar-base 0.79.1
     * sugar-toolkit 0.81.3
     * sugar 0.81.2
     * sugar-datastore 0.8.1
     * sugar-presence-service 0.81.1
     * sugar-artwork 0.79.3
     * journal-activity 89
     * etoys 3.0.1998

     * Fix strings translation (Tomeu)
     * Fix several pylint complaints (Marco)

     * #6473 Better method to resolve handles to buddies (Morgs)
     * Make the list of XO colors public (Simon)
     * Hack in bundlebuilder to work without a .git directory (Marco)
     * Support for lazy palette creation (Marco)

     * Diverse icon fixes (Eben)

     * Key bindings for scrollable views (Tomeu)
     * Show a set of default activities in the home view ring (Tomeu)
     * Nicer battery palette (Martin Dengler)

     * suspend UI process while inactive (do not hog CPU when in background)
     * fixed international keyboard input
     * many more strings translatable
     * errors get logged in regular log file via stdout
     * faster project loading
     * Pango text rendering support (experimental)
     * and many more minor fixes and improvements

Fructose modules
     * read-activity 46
     * chat-activity 38
     * terminal-activity 11
     * web-activity 87
     * etoys-activity 81
     * write-activity 55
     * calculate-activity 19

     * Eben fixed the appearance of activity bundles.
     * Pootle brought us an update of the translation to Italian.
     * Update the results view only when the journal is the active activity.

     * ACK received messages (cassidy)
     * Handle pending messages when setting the message handler (cassidy)
     * Updated translations: zh_TW, de, it
     * UI Change: Merge multiple sequential messages from same author (morgs)
     * Updated translation: ar (pootle)
     * #6561: Fix RTL message alignment (Arabic) (khaled)
     * #5053: Reduce white space around boxes (morgs)
     * #6621: set entry sensitive not editable (morgs)
     * Add license to activity.py (morgs)
     * #6743: border around gtk.entry (morgs)
     * Reduce telepathy code based on improved PS channel creation API (morgs)
     * Open URLs via show_object_in_journal (morgs)
     * Update pippy metadata based on Pippy (morgs)
     * Updated translations (pootle)

     * i18n improvement: the activity has a POT file now (sayamindu)

     * First round of pylint fixes (erikos)
     * Fix typo #6962 (DanKrejsa)
     * Fix onStateChange for downloads #6962 (DanKrejsa)
     * s/Open/Show in Journal #5958 (erikos)
     * A lot of new translations

     no news this cycle

     no news this cycle

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