[sugar] OLPC priorities for Sugar in the August release

Mikus Grinbergs mikus
Wed May 14 09:55:01 EDT 2008

> If you could download the latest joyride, time startup and open a
> ticket that would be useful. 25 seconds are too much obviously.

I took the time on Joyride 1932, which had been manually updated 
(via yum install) with cups-libs 1:1.2.12-11.fc7 and telepathy-glib 
0.7.8-1.olpc2, to bring it up to equivalence with Joyride 1938 (and 
following).  I __doubt__ that downloading the latest joyride would 
make any difference.

Why should I open up a ticket?  I don't have my G1G1 instrumented, 
to *prove* how many seconds it took.  I was not the one who said 
"too much".

> Please take both time on the very first start and after a reboot,

I don't understand how a "very first start" differs from a "reboot".
I get 25 seconds when clicking on the Browse icon is the first thing 
I do after a reboot.  It currently is difficult for me to restart 
Browse after having closed it - Rainbow won't let me (ticket #6989).


Just to check that 'faster' is no better, I installed faster 1944.
On my G1G1, it too takes the same 25 seconds to bring up Browse.


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