[sugar] Activity proposal: View Logs

Wade Brainerd wadetb
Tue May 13 15:53:24 EDT 2008

* Short description of the features:

The following are implemented in a patch proposed by Wade Brainerd:

- Strips ANSI escape codes from logs.
- New Edit toolbar with Copy, Word wrap toggle & Search.
- Delete Log added to Tools menu.
- Notification added after log upload.
- Watches multiple directories, plus extra files.
- Organizes logs in tree view by directory.
- Tree view sorted alphabetically, with special sorting for xxxx-NNN.log files.
- Changed log font to Courier 8.
- Added scrollbar to tree view.

Remaining Trac bugs will be fixed, and internationalization will be
implemented using Pootle.

* Screenshots or screencasts:
No mockups of the features yet.

* Are you willing to follow the Schedule?
Yes I am.

* System components the activity depends on:
sugar, gnomevfs

* Members of the developer team:
Maintainer: Eduardo Silva
Peer: Wade Brainerd

* Status of internationalization:
None yet, needs to be integrated into Pootle..

* Code repository:

* Bug tracking system:
log-activity and logview-activity in dev.laptop.org Trac (these need
to be merged)


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