[sugar] [PATCH] Add a prototypical Search toolbar to Browse.

Wade Brainerd wadetb
Sat May 10 19:49:54 EDT 2008

Hey all.

This is an idea for a Search toolbar in Browse, submitted in order to
generate discussion.  It's not acceptable as-is although I wouldn't
mind feedback on the code and interface.

The real reason for the patch is that I've been helping with the
Wikiserver project - briefly, this is a custom BaseHTTPServer-based
web server which serves a 100MB slice of the Spanish Wikipedia, in
compressed wikitext form.  The server is wrapped into a Browse-based
activity bundle.  The web server starts when the activity launches,
and shuts down when the activity exits.  The Browse activity is set up
to launch directly into the server's home page.

As a next step, we need to be able to search the wiki, so we planned
to add an HTML search form to the top of each page that the server
returns. But rather than wasting page space and forcing the user to
scroll all the way up to execute another search, wouldn't it be better
to simply add a search box to the toolbar?  This led me to adding a
Search toolbar to Browse.

And that thought led me to, wouldn't it be better to have this web
server running all the time (or at least whenever Browse is running)?
In that case, our Wikiserver project could simply be another kind of
content bundle, there would be no need for the activity at all.


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