[sugar] [SURVEY] builders, how do you build? what do you build?

Bert Freudenberg bert
Mon Jun 30 07:21:09 EDT 2008

Am 27.06.2008 um 23:23 schrieb Erik Garrison:

> Developers, specifically those running build systems,
> Many of us are confused about the software flows inherent in the daily
> build processes which are occuring at OLPC.  I would like to conduct a
> simple survey of all people building software for OLPC so that all  
> of us
> can better understand the sources of the software running on the XO  
> and
> XS without individually hassling the responsible parties every time we
> have generic questions about their build processes.
> Builders, please describe your local build network:
> 0) Who are you and who do you directly work for?

Bert Freudenberg, under contract with Viewpoints Research Institute  

I usually build the rpms. Yoshiki Ohshima and Takashi Yamamiya (both  
employed by VPRI) do when I am unavailable.

> 1) What do you build?

etoys rpm, squeak-vm rpm, Etoys xo bundle

> 2) Where does it come from? / Who directly provides you with source  
> code?

Source comes directly from VPRI. Developers there are Yoshiki Ohshima,  
Takashi Yamamiya, Scott Wallace, Ted Kaehler, Ian Piumarta, and y.t.,  
directed by Alan Kay and Kim Rose.

There are many more contributors from the Etoys and Squeak community,  
contributions are selectively pulled by the VPRI team.

> 3) Where does the output of your build process go?  / Who handles the
> immediate output of your builds?

rpms are pulled into the build from

~bert/public_rpms/joyride on dev.laptop.org

by way of being uploaded to


(a VPRI-operated server) and mirrored to


(one can also "yum install" from the latter)

> 4) Where specifically is it built? (I want server names and/or
> descriptions, where security is a concern please share them with me
> privately.)

My personal machine running a virtual machine with Fedora-7.

> 5) What build systems do you use to build software?  Please briefly
> describe their operation or provide a link to documentation or source
> code which does.


Note that this describes the current build process, there might be  
changes in the future. For example, etoys is also made available via  
sugar, and there was talk to get squeak and etoys into Fedora.

- Bert -

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