[sugar] [SURVEY] builders, how do you build? what do you build?

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu
Sun Jun 29 11:32:58 EDT 2008

Erik Garrison wrote:
> 0) Who are you and who do you directly work for?

Tomeu, contracted by OLPC.

> 1) What do you build?

regularly: sugar, sugar-artwork, sugar-toolkit, sugar-base, 
sugar-datastore, journal bundle (.xo).

> 2) Where does it come from? / Who directly provides you with source code?

Release tarballs are announced in the sugar mailing list. Snapshot 
tarballs are generated from git trees pulled from dev.laptop.org.

> 3) Where does the output of your build process go?  / Who handles the
> immediate output of your builds?

I build the rpms in fedora's koji, and from there it gets into olpc 
images. Not sure how it happens now though, the current process for 
getting the rpms into images seems to be in flux.

> 4) Where specifically is it built? (I want server names and/or
> descriptions, where security is a concern please share them with me
> privately.)

teach.laptop.org, administered by Michael.

> 5) What build systems do you use to build software?  Please briefly
> describe their operation or provide a link to documentation or source
> code which does.

I build rpms locally (in teach) with mock (make mockbuild) and after 
testing I submit them to fedora's koji. See release instructions for 
Sugar in sugar/docs (sorry, no URL, I'm offline right now).

I think it's very similar for other sugar developers.

Thanks for starting this, feel free to ask any questions.



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