[sugar] Errors installing Sugar

James Newton jnewton
Wed Feb 20 15:36:16 EST 2008

Summary: <http://sugar.abisource.com/> is unavailable, and so
./sugar-jhbuild build fails.

Hi folks,

I'm trying to install Sugar on Ubuntu 7.10.  The instructions on ...


... tell me to do this:

git-clone git://dev.laptop.org/sugar-jhbuild
cd sugar-jhbuild
./sugar-jhbuild update
./sugar-jhbuild build

I get as far as ./sugar-jhbuild update, which starts out fine.  Then I run
into a couple of seemingly non-fatal errors:

  *** error during stage checkout of hippo-canvas:
  [Errno 2] No such file or directory *** [8/51]

  *** error during stage checkout of matchbox-window-manager:
  [Errno 2] No such file or directory *** [20/51]

Both times, I can choose:

  [2] ignore error and continue to done.

However, the notes at <http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Hacking_Sugar#Sugar>
suggest that both Hippo-Canvas and Matchbox Window Manager are essential
components of Sugar.

Then I run into a different issue: http://sugar.abisource.com/ seems to be
down.  The update process times out 20 times before it gives up.

  #### Error running wget http://sugar.abisource.com/src/libabiword-
  2.6.0.svn20071113.tar.gz -O /home/james/OLPC/Sugar/sugar-
  jhbuild/source/libabiword-2.6.0.svn20071113.tar.gz *** [23/51]

This leads to other insurmountable errors:

  *** error during stage unpack of libabiword:
  could not unpack tarball *** [23/51]

  *** error during stage patch of libabiword:
  could not apply patch *** [23/51]

And so on.

If I follow the instructions at...


... then...


..., hippo-canvas and matchbox-window-manager apparently get included in the
build correctly, but the build still chokes at step [23/51] because
<http://sugar.abisource.com/> is unavailable.


1) Is there an extra step that needs to be executed before the
   instructions at <http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Sugar_with_sugar-jhbuild>
   will run correctly?

2) Who should I alert about the unavailability of

Thanks in advance,


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