[sugar] OLPC News (2008-02-09) - "9. HW/SW Development"

Kent Loobey kent
Sat Feb 9 15:41:45 EST 2008

On Saturday 09 February 2008 08:39:33 Walter Bender wrote:
> 9. HW/SW Development: This week the first 100 G1G1 users had Build 656
> pushed to them automatically. We are only pushing this build to people
> running Build 649, 650, or 653. Basic information about update streams
> (and how to unsubscribe your laptop) is available in the wiki (See
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Update_streams). Expect to see Build 656
> pushed more broadly over the coming weeks.

I just got my XO so I am really new to the whole OLPC/XO everything.

Because I couldn't connect to my WPA with the build that came with my XO I 
spent a couple of days updating from build 650 to build 656.  So the above 
plan seems strange to me.  I have a slow DSL connection.  It took me 
literally several hours to download 656.  I tried several different methods 
of updating before I found a way (with a lot of help from #olpc) to complete 
the update.  One of the ways I tried took over 4 hours to download 656.

My point is that I wouldn't want something like this to start automatically if 
it required me to keep connected once it started.  If it would break the 
download automatically over a period of time until it was all collected and 
then allow me to say when it would do the actual install that would be fine.

I can imagine that some places in the world would be even more iffy .

Since I didn't do the update the way it is defined in step 9 above, I don't 
know if it is done as I suggest or not.  Maybe this is just for the G1G1 
computers and that some other process is used in the other countries.

I understand that I can set a state on my XO that will stop automatic 
updating.  My question then becomes is there a listserve that I can sign up 
on to inform me of new updates?  Something that doesn't have any other 
dialog, just announcements. 

> -walter

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