[Sugar-devel] Some possible git patches for Labyrinth-4

Gary C Martin gary at garycmartin.com
Sun Dec 21 06:26:42 EST 2008

On 20 Dec 2008, at 20:13, Tomeu Vizoso wrote:

> On Sat, Dec 20, 2008 at 04:14, Gary C Martin <gary at garycmartin.com>  
> wrote:
>> Hi Tomeu (and other Sugar devs),
>> Here's some patches for the Labyrinth-4  work created with:
>>       git-format-patch 0d2bf1756d5f05b86a4f35ba8cbdb401b5cdb724
>> That covers all the commits I've re-made here to a clone of your  
>> Labyrinth-4
>> git rep:
>>       http://gitorious.org/projects/labyrinth-sugar
>> I'm still rough with git, workflow, et al, so shout if I could be  
>> making
>> this easier for folks to work with. All of these patches so far  
>> (except the
>> SVG icon) are to the upstream labyrinth source code to make it work  
>> a little
>> better (and prettier) on Sugar. Is there some sort of magical OSS  
>> dance to
>> waft some of these upstream, or is this effort considered a fork?
> I guess it's a fork for now, but anyway we should try to reduce the
> difference as much as possible, ideally just adding some sugar on top
> of the unchanged upstream sources.

Yea, that was the plan when I started, but there was/is a lot of  
unfinished/odd stuff floating around in the upstream sources.

> Subject: [PATCH] Added sugar friendly SVG activity icon.
> Cool!
> Subject: [PATCH] Allowed delete key event to work on links.
> Sounds good, should be easily upstreamable.
> Subject: [PATCH] Enabled curves by default.
> We should be able to change this without modifying the upstream
> sources. What about a property in MMArea?

Upstream have a hard code value for this in that odd utility.py file.  
Ideally curves would be a style attribute of a link so you could mix  
n' match them as needed in a mindmap, and have them save/load/shared  
correctly. But at this rate I'm going to be working just upstream, and  
nothing on Sugar.

> Subject: [PATCH] Made thought boxes more rounded.
> Same as above.

Same as above :-)

There's lot's of comment talk in the source that suggests upstream  
wants custom 'themes' so you can switch from one style to another, but  
almost everything is hard coded and scattered about the various source  
code files :-(

> Subject: [PATCH] Make default thought colour white so that gtk
> selection state is visible.
> Same.


> Subject: [PATCH] Use users XO colours for the primary thought.
> Again ;)


> Subject: [PATCH] Removed the fill on the bbox so you can see what
> you're selecting...
> Not sure, but may be as well a property that upstream can agree in  
> adding.

Yea... oh well, looks like I'll be working on someone else's, someone  
else's, project for a while then :-(

>> Perhaps I should just post patches to the sugar-dev list, it may  
>> nudge
>> others into action and stop me from bothering Tomeu too much ;-) I  
>> guess I'd
>> need to be able to push (accepted) patches to Tomeu's git rep, if  
>> that's the
>> right procedure to aim for.
> What if you take ownership of the project?

Oooh, sounds like commitment to me... I've registered with gitorious  
(garycmartin) is there some magic you need to do to allow me to git  
push (downstream changes only I guess)?

> I will be around whenever
> you need it, and anyway I won't have much time to keep working on
> this. I think you may be able to get more people involved in the near
> future and I have some cool ideas about collaboration support that may
> interest upstream as well ;)

All the needed upstream work is currently bothering me just at the  
moment, have you contacted them at all yet about the sugar port? Seems  
a huge amount of work up there to do, and a lot of wasted time  
discussing instead of coding. I can only test changes on the XO/Sugar  
side, and they use subversion for their RCS. I did sign up to the  
(very quiet) mail list last week, so I guess I should start that whole  
'how to submit patches to them' discussion – maybe it'll be easier  
than I expect.

BTW: Just fixed copy, paste and added cut, and that code is all in  
your sugar wrapper :-) Currently working on making a decent behaviour  
for the 'add thought' button you had started.

Rather less excited than before (as I'm more lone coder than cat  

Off to find the cats,

> Thanks a lot,
> Tomeu

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