[Sugar-devel] Record and Journal problem

Yamandu Ploskonka yamaplos at bolinux.org
Tue Dec 16 11:35:18 EST 2008

> next release, though scripts for inspecting the contents of the
> datastore could be done very easily with some knowledge of python.
> I'll be happy to give pointers if someone wants to spend some time on
> this.

I hope someone does.  THe current situation is quite frustrating
>> Files can be copied to and from the Journal's datastore using the Terminal
>> Activity. However, filenames are heavily hashed, meaning "myfile.bzip" might
>> show up as 2637-4737-13323-dl77nf, or some such gibberish. Here's how to
>> figure it out.
>> Note how large the file is (or what time it is.)
>> Download it. (Click on the link while you're in Browse.)
>> Open Terminal Activity.
>> At the prompt, type cd .sugar/default/datastore/store/ to get into your
>> datastore directory.
>> Then type ls -la and look for the file with the size and timestamp you noted
>> before.
>> Do whatever you want with your file (rename, move, whatever...)
> Check out the copy-from-journal command, should make this much easier.

didn't work for me, but maybe I did it wrong?  My situation was this:
I want to copy all my pictures.  They are all named Foto por Veritas in 
the Journal.
I want them onto USB.  Following the wiki instructions all I got was one 
to show as copied, but when checking the USB it didn't

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