[sugar] API Reference and Tutorials please check/update your libraries

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch
Sun Sep 2 02:33:23 EDT 2007

I've been collecting pointers to (and generating) documentation for the 
various components in the system into what I'm intending to become 
central locations for developer documentation on the project.  If you 
see some resource that developers need or would find useful that I've 
missed, please add it.

There are two pages, the first is for tutorial-style documentation pointers:


if you have or know about a developer's tutorial that isn't there, 
please add it. Eventually I'd like to get a lot more sample code and 
tutorials in there.

The second is a collection of pointers to reference documentation for 


At present a lot of this documentation is actually auto-generated pydoc 
stuff, particularly for the in-house stuff.  For much of the GTK-related 
stuff this is of little value due to the lack of method signatures or 
useful docstrings.  If you are the owner of any of these packages (e.g. 
abiword, hippo, hulahop) and have documentation available online, please 
update your package's entry to point to the documentation.

Note: the various Sugar services and the Sugar GUI Shell are not 
documented because they are not importable and are using top-level 
executable code.  We should probably fix that structuring at some point.

Scripts to auto-generate the documentation from within an image are 
available via:

    bzr branch http://www.vrplumber.com/bzr/autodoc
    cd autodoc

for those who want to make the pydoc-generated documentation their 
primary documentation format.  It's not pretty, but at least it's 
automatic :) .

Have fun all,

  Mike C. Fletcher
  Designer, VR Plumber, Coder

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