[sugar] [IMPORTANT] build and release process explanation

C. Scott Ananian cscott
Tue Oct 30 15:44:09 EDT 2007

On 10/30/07, Ivan Krsti? <krstic at solarsail.hcs.harvard.edu> wrote:
> AFTER we hit the Update.1 freeze on Friday, several things will happen:
> * The current joyride build at the end of Friday will become the
> Update.1
>    candidate build.
> * New RPMs inserted into ~/public_rpms will _not_ get automatically
> inserted in
>    the build. Don't try it.

The details here might be in flux for our first joyride-based build,
but we'll do our best to keep everyone informed.  Although some
members of the build team disagree, I prefer to use social pressure to
keep unapproved things out of the stable build, instead of building
technical means of control.  So, past Friday you should not put things
in your ~/public_rpms/joyride directory without permission.  They
*may* still get automatically picked up for a build, but if they are
we'll notice and we'll yell at you.  So, as Ivan says, don't do it
without permission.

We will try to alternate 'stable' and 'unstable' periods, closing
joyride for unstable development for some time period to encourage
work on the stable build.  I don't know exactly when I'll fork a new
tag for the stable update-1 build; maybe immediately on Friday, maybe
sometime after that.  But at some point after the freeze -- say, two
weeks -- we'll open up joyride for unrestricted development again.  As
Walter said, we'll be on a monthly release schedule for a while.  Keep
tuned for details.

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