[sugar] [IMPORTANT] New policy on blocker bugs

Bernardo Innocenti bernie
Tue Oct 23 08:58:17 EDT 2007

On 10/23/07 08:53, Ivan Krsti? wrote:

> When sending these e-mails, please copy and paste a line or two of  
> the bug description itself into the e-mail along with a link to the  
> full bug. For new blocker bugs, please use the subject 'new FRS  
> blocker: #bugnumber', and for closed ones, 'closed FRS blocker:  
> #bugnumber'. This will let people who don't care about the messages  
> ignore them based on the subject line.

Wouldn't it be easier if we just CC'd devel@ in trac to achieve
the same result?

Maybe we can ask Noah to do that automatically for blockers?

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