[sugar] [IMPORTANT] New policy on blocker bugs

Ivan Krstić krstic
Tue Oct 23 08:53:08 EDT 2007


until we ship, we're instituting a new policy on blocker bugs:

* Any bugs being newly designated as FRS blockers need to have an e- 
mail sent to the sugar@ or devel@ list (depending on which part of  
the system they touch) with a short explanation of why this bug is a  
blocker, any dependencies it might have, any relevant details, any  
idea on whether a fix is known or forthcoming, etc.

* Any FRS blockers being closed need to have an e-mail sent to sugar@  
or devel@ with a short update on whether the fix is in the builds,  
pending for inclusion, etc. If not yet in the builds, and it's not  
obvious from the bug's Trac page where to find the fix, please  
include a link to it. Anything else that's worth knowing about this  
bug or how it was closed, please include it; we have various  
dependencies between our blockers, and details you provide might  
provide clues or directly unblock work on other bugs.

When sending these e-mails, please copy and paste a line or two of  
the bug description itself into the e-mail along with a link to the  
full bug. For new blocker bugs, please use the subject 'new FRS  
blocker: #bugnumber', and for closed ones, 'closed FRS blocker:  
#bugnumber'. This will let people who don't care about the messages  
ignore them based on the subject line.

Thanks. Cheers,

Ivan Krsti? <krstic at solarsail.hcs.harvard.edu> | http://radian.org

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