[sugar] Broken build

Xavier Alvarez xavi.alvarez
Wed Nov 21 12:12:40 EST 2007


It should be fixed now. This was a domino effect of the ticket 
#5017 about proper plural handling in the journal-activity. 

Thus misc.py now uses ngettext() [1] and this somehow performed a 
test on the plural formulas found in the PO files -- which failed 
in several cases. (ticket #5035)

To fix this, a script was run on all the PO files to remove the 
offending line. The side effect was that the push uploaded the 
pseudo.po files (that had the UTF-8 issue).

I have just pushed an update of the offending pseudo.po files, so 
I would appreciate if someone could test & verify that it's 


[1] ngettext()

On Wednesday 21 November 2007 06:53, Reinier Heeres wrote:
RH> Hi all,
RH> jhbuild is a bit broken due to some issues with the i18n
RH> files. There's already a bug report about this (#5035). A
RH> quick fix (at least in read) is modifying the file
RH> po/pseudo.po: change the charset=CHARSET line in
RH> charset=UTF-8. I think this will probably need to get fixed in
RH> Pootle (soon).
RH> Cheers,
RH> Reinier
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