[sugar] Collaboration across the web

Morgan Collett morgan.collett
Wed Nov 21 02:54:46 EST 2007

Robert Arrowsmith wrote:
> My take on the idea is more about providing a method for people to
> collaborate over the internet rather than being limited to the wifi range
> of the mesh. Since we're on the cusp of a US/Canada wide userbase through
> the Give One Get One event it seems the collaboration facility on the
> laptops wont be available to most people.
> I'd like to see the Sugar Neighborhood screen showing XO users linked
> together through a server. Would it theoretically be possible to connect
> XO users  via a server to allow collaboration? While I've studied the
> Telepathy, D-Bus and Presence docs I'm still not sure how to implement it.
> I'm thinking a PHP front end registration/login linked to a database
> accessed by a presence service.

This already exists :)

Telepathy is using two connection managers, telepathy-salut provides
link local presence and sharing which is for those in mesh range, and
telepathy-gabble which provides presence and sharing via a Jabber
server. The Presence Service automatically registers with the Jabber
server, so no front end is necessary.

In the field, each school will have a schoolserver which will include
this Jabber server.

At present, and for G1G1, there is a Jabber server preconfigured. When
you have internet access, it will "Just Work". The Neighborhood screen
does show all those on that server currently.

The server currently in use on the images is jabber.laptop.org. I don't
know whether that server will be the default for G1G1 but I haven't
heard otherwise.

The server configured in the sugar-jhbuild emulator is
olpc.collabora.co.uk, which is intended for developers - so if you run a
sugar-jhbuild instance it sees a different server by default to the XO

The jabber server can be configured using the control panel


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