[sugar] Collaboration across the web

Robert Arrowsmith robert
Wed Nov 21 02:41:16 EST 2007

I wanted to follow on from Christoph Derndorfers email last week regarding
a comment by Eduardo Montez on OLPCNews. The email suggested an
'Interactive Sugar Online' website and suggestions were made regarding
using VNC etc.

My take on the idea is more about providing a method for people to
collaborate over the internet rather than being limited to the wifi range
of the mesh. Since we're on the cusp of a US/Canada wide userbase through
the Give One Get One event it seems the collaboration facility on the
laptops wont be available to most people.

I'd like to see the Sugar Neighborhood screen showing XO users linked
together through a server. Would it theoretically be possible to connect
XO users  via a server to allow collaboration? While I've studied the
Telepathy, D-Bus and Presence docs I'm still not sure how to implement it.
I'm thinking a PHP front end registration/login linked to a database
accessed by a presence service.

I do have a domain xouser.com ready to host it.


Robert Arrowsmith

robert at robertarrowsmith.com
robert at revolutionhosting.net

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