[sugar] testing websites and online-services that potential G1G1 buyers might be interested in

Christoph Derndorfer e0425826
Sun Nov 11 01:33:22 EST 2007

Hello all,

I spent the past hours testing various websites, online-services and 
activites that potential G1G1 buyers might be interested in with a B4 
with build 624. What started with my own curiosity about which things 
work and don't work at the moment turned into a 3 hour session and 
resulted in a lengthy story about the current state of things on my blog 
at http://christoph-d.blogspot.com/2007/11/saturday-night-fever.html

Amongst other things I tried: Flickr (where the slideshows don't work), 
pbase (where slideshows do work), YouTube (where the videos don't work), 
Gmail (which works fine), Google Calender (which also works fine even 
though the browse activity crashed the first time that I wanted to use 
it), Google Docs (also works fine), Digg (worked as expected), several 
online radio-stations (couldn't get a single one to play back some 
music), listening to MP3s (worked fine even though I believe eToy 
shouldn't be the standard activity of choice, I'd rather see something 
dedicated to media playback), watching videos (see MP3s), reading large 
pdf files (worked exceptionally well, the screen and rotation feature 
really do make for a very pleasent reading experience) and looking at 
photos (colours look more washed out than I had expected).

I thought some people could find that information useful in order to 
have a good understanding of the current state of things and to see 
where things still need to be improved!

Have a great weekend,

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