[sugar] odd behaviour with Journal search

Christoph Derndorfer e0425826
Sat Nov 10 22:31:05 EST 2007

Hey everyone,

I'm just giving two B4s with build 624 a spin around the block and have 
noticed an odd issue with the search in the journal.

Let's assume I have this file called 
"QSVU07_Bsp2_ChristophDerndorfer_0425826.pdf" stored on a USB thumbdrive 
that's accessable via the journal. If I do a search for "qsvu" the file 
turns up nicely. However if I search for "Bsp2", "*Bsp2", "Bsp2*" or 
"*Bsp2*" the file isn't displayed. Same thing holds true if I look for 
"Christoph", "*Christoph", "Christoph*" or "*Christoph*". Only files 
whose name start with "Christoph..." are displayed.

On the other hand I also have a file called "OLPC Text Test.txt" on that 
thumbdrive and search for "text" or "test" does immediatly turn up the 
file I was looking for.

So my question is: Am I missing something here about the syntax of the 
search or is this a bug?

Thanks and good night,
Christoph (OLPC Austria)

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