[sugar] [PATCH] bin/datastore-service: respect $SUGAR_PROFILE, allowing multiple instances

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie
Tue May 22 06:18:20 EDT 2007

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On Thu, 17 May 2007 at 13:37:34 +0100, Simon McVittie wrote:
> This patch is also in http://projects.collabora.co.uk/~smcv/git/datastore.git
> if you want to merge it.

I've updated that repository with a merge against current git. Please either
apply it, let me know what's wrong with it or let me know who else is OK
to review it, since the absence of this patch causes difficulty for anyone
developing collaborative activities (you can't collaborate with yourself using
two profiles, because the second profile keeps timing out D-Bus calls because
its datastore is blocking on the database lock, making execution extremely

Also, in case you don't have an awaylog on IRC:

10:56 < smcv> bcsaller: yes, a{sv} or a{ss} is the only way to do optional 
10:57 < smcv> bcsaller: D-Bus signatures aren't expressive enough to describe 
              real optional arguments, so in dbus-python I do my best to 
              encourage all arguments being compulsory
10:59 < smcv> bcsaller: btw, you should never use _dbus_bindings (like in 
              olpc.datastore.dbus_helpers) - if you *must* use the 
              message-based API, import things from dbus.lowlevel
10:59 < smcv> bcsaller: _dbus_bindings has no API guarantees at all, if you use 
              it you're asking for trouble

I'll send in a trivial patch to use dbus.lowlevel shortly. You've made life
unnecessarily hard for yourself by having signals and methods with the
same name, which is why you've had to resort to sending messages in such
a low-level way in the first place! The conventional thing to do would
be to have methods called Create, Delete etc. and signals called
Created, Deleted etc. (using InitialCaps if more than one word).

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