[sugar] Activity Mockups and Information Resources on Wiki

Eben Eliason eben.eliason
Thu May 17 11:31:46 EDT 2007

I wanted to take the time to alert everyone to the fact that a new
section of the wiki exists for the purposes of providing both visual
and functional specifications for activities, as well as a place for
aggregating useful information and discussions surrounding each one.
The main entry point is wiki.laptop.org/go/Activities.  I'd like to
highlight a few aspects of the activity specific pages:

1) Myself and the team at Pentagram are busy creating visual mockups
which conform to the Sugar style as specified in the HIG for all base
activities.  Though not final, these can act as a working target
specification for developers.  So far we have basic mockups for Read,
Write, Chat, Video Chat, Draw, and Browse.  Others will follow in
coming weeks.

2) The visual elements are backed by descriptions of general
interaction goals for the activities, as well as specific goals
regarding their collaborative aspects.  While the visual designs and
descriptions provide a good overview, the design team is happy to
discuss details, as it's hard to capture them all in these forms.

3) Each page contains a section for development.  This section should
include up to date links to the source, RPMs, and other resources that
relate to the development effort.  In addition, a link in this section
leads to a version history page for the activity.  We kindly request
that developers keep a detailed version history in this location so
that we can track the design and implementation together over time.

4) The discussion pages for each activity contain a skeleton,
providing spaces to request features (and comment on those already
listed in the goals) and to discuss implementation.  Hopefully this
will serve as a useful space for aligning the ideas of the design and
development teams.

Side note: I haven't altered the wiki pages for activities which
already existed.  However, it may prove helpful to transform them a
bit, at least adding most of the sections listed above if not
reorganizing, in order to have a convenient and consistent way to
design, discuss, and track progress of activities going forward.

- Eben

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