[sugar] Obtaining Buddy objects as contacts are encountered

Dafydd Harries dafydd.harries
Thu May 10 14:19:18 EDT 2007

Ar 10/05/2007 am 14:15, ysgrifennodd Benjamin M. Schwartz:
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> Dafydd Harries wrote:
> > When thinking about scalability of the networking code, we've been using 1,500
> > as the biggest number of children we might see in a deployment.
> What if I (a user) want to collaborate over the internet with one of the
> millions of other students running Sugar?  Will that be possible.
> It would be a shame if students in different parts of the country couldn't work
> and play together.

We'd like this to work, but it's very much secondary to having everything
working well within one network.

Certainly Jabber supports communication between people on different servers.
Getting it to work well on the OLPC would probably require some specific
support for it in Sugar. Also, some activities currently assume that anybody
you talk to has a routable IP address, which it not necessarily the case on
the Internet unless you have IPv6.


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