[sugar] Sugar alternative: pepper

"João Bosco A. Pereira Filho" jpf
Wed Mar 21 11:28:42 EDT 2007


    I've been testing Sugar for some time and I think that developers 
are doing a great job. Congratulations. But developing such a software 
takes a lot of time ...

    There are alternatives to Sugar that work great. Have you ever seen 
the pepper software? Take a look at it: 

    It is just like Sugar! Actually, it has almost everything Sugar have 
and will have in the future. Its interface is just like Sugar, with the 
frame, activities, zoom metaphor and etc. I tried it with a B1/303 and 
the performance is also great! You should at least give it a try! Take a 
look at the video application and you'll see what I am talking about ...

    Certainly, work in Sugar is to reinvent the wheel. I think a very 
smart decision to speed up the OLPC project development would be to join 
efforts with pepper team to integrate it better with XO (it is not using 
the mesh network yet, for example). Pepper is much better than sugar. 
This is obvious since pepper is a 5 years old software and Sugar is a 
baby yet ...

    Please try it and let me know what you think about. Note that to 
install you need a FAT formatted usb pendrive (it is a bug that is 
already been fixed).


Jo?o Bosco A. Pereira Filho
Desenvolvedor de Software
Funda??o CERTI

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