[sugar] Pygame

Noah Kantrowitz kantrn
Fri Mar 16 19:23:14 EDT 2007

Has there been a decision yet on including Pygame in the base system?
Including dependencies it comes to about 3.7M, though I think this can
be shrunk to about 2-2.5 by removing unneeded code (for example, only a
small chunk of Numeric is actually needed). This is an API that many
people are already familiar with, and I think it would help encourage
more people to develop applications. If the size is a big concern, I had
a concept to try making something API compatible but backending to
GTK/Hippo/Cairo/CSound. This is looking a bit harder that I expected, so
I figured I should ask first. Ideas, comments, concerns?

--Noah Kantrowitz (aka coderanger)

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