Etoys and integration (Re: [sugar] Re: trial1 software page)

Bert Freudenberg bert
Wed Mar 7 18:32:48 EST 2007

I'm not quite sure if I should feel offended by your accusation or  
not. Well, I think I'm not. I can't see anything of substance in it.  
Care to explain what you're alluding to?

- Bert -

On Mar 7, 2007, at 23:06 , Guido van Rossum wrote:

> Isn't the mere presence of eToys on the XO a complete anathema to the
> sugar philosophy?
> On 3/7/07, Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki at> wrote:
>>   Hello,
>>   On the page, Etoys is labeled
>> as "It's fine as it is"...  Etoys may not be the priority here but of
>> course there are a lot of improvement can be done.  For example, an
>> Etoys document is saved as a file (with .pr suffix) and right now we
>> are simply saving it.  Eventually, we would like to hook it up with
>> the standard file storing mechanism (and opening from the Browser,
>> etc., etc.)
>>   I also came across the "Included Activities" section in the page...
>> It mentions an activity called "Slideshow" but Etoys surely can do
>> multiple pages presentation slides BTW.
>>   Again, this may not be the priority for the trial, but it is
>> something going on Etoys' team's minds...
>> -- Yoshiki

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