[sugar] python performance

Chris Ball cjb
Tue Mar 6 07:53:48 EST 2007

Hi Marco,

   > We don't, but it would be useful to have one. I think the biggest
   > priority are in order:

   > * Browser perfomance especially page scrolling (not related to
   > python at all but...)  
   > * Activities startup time.

Just as a minor point, I'd swap these two in priority.  Our activity
load time is much more frustrating to me as a user than the web browser
render time, possibly because the web browser does incremental reflows.
(Which may in fact be the source of the performance problem..)

   > Just testing random stuff out is quite painful atm though, for
   > compiled code. I usually build on my box and then copy over the
   > changed bin/library. I think we really need an image with
   > development tools on it.

I somewhat agree, but as a side note `yum install make gcc gcc-c++` is
sufficient to turn your XO into a (slow) python build host, once yum
(slowly) finishes running.  :)

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at laptop.org>

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