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Ryan Pavlik abiryan
Tue Jul 31 20:35:21 EDT 2007

I am certainly not an OLPC rep, but what I have seen suggests that the 
intent is for the machines to be self-instructing and not requiring 
documentation.  In addition to the massive translation demands that 
would require, it also does not coincide with the educational 
theories/practices that the organization is pursuing.

Of course, if you want to make developer documentation, then I think 
anyone's answer would be, dive in! :)  Just ask which regions are stable 
first so your work doesn't get obsoleted quickly.


Edward Cherlin wrote:
> Is there any plan for official software documentation? I have been a 
> Senior Tech Writer for the last 10 years and would be delighted to 
> work on it (particularly if someone like Red Hat would support me to 
> do it 60 hours a week *<{%-{]}}} <--Goggle-eyed geek in clown hat, 
> moustache, and full beard). Actually, I have been writing about XO 
> software off and on ever since the Dynabook days, when Xerox licensed 
> Smalltalk to Apple, HP, and others in 1981, during my market research 
> period.
> For example, I wrote in a study of so-called educational software back 
> then that the overpriced drill-and-practice programs of the time 
> weren't real educational software, and that what children need is 
> sharp tools to do stuff with. Commercial educational software is still 
> a vast wasteland, with a few honorable exceptions. Then I did a study 
> on Personal Instruments (data acquisition and analysis on PCs), and 
> some other reports that touched on education. Besides starting and 
> managing a software project for math for schools. And a few other things.
> I have a button that says, "Stop me before I volunteer again," but it 
> doesn't help. [sigh]
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