[sugar] New Watch & Listen Available

elw at stderr.org elw
Wed Jul 18 15:52:10 EDT 2007

> Probably, however we must to think about how the users can play some 
> contents without any limitation.  In fact, for EduKT the audio format is 
> ogg and for ITv we are using some theora/mp3 for multicast streams. 
> The children can't understand how other computers can play some 
> multimedia contents and their computer don't.

While it is currently the case that the patent holders on mp3 
encode/decode technology have declined to pursue licensing fees from free 
and open-source encode/decode software, this may not always be so.

It is a bit frightening to see someone base an activity around bits that 
might suddenly be subject to fees/IP claims.  Nervous, is me...

How, too, does this interact with the export capabilities of OLPC, as 
something hosted on redhat's servers?  Again - something to think about.


>> > Sure.... gstreamer is my media framework, however, at least we have 
>> > to add support for ogg/mp3/mp4 if not is not very usefull, some time 
>> > ago ago i will notice that, some plans for implement those libraries 
>> > on the devel build?
>> Some of the codecs/formats you mention are encumbered.
>> You need to be looking for free alternatives.

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