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Alfonso de la Guarda alfonsodg
Tue Jul 17 20:47:11 EDT 2007

Probably, however we must to think about how the users can play some
contents without any limitation.  In fact, for EduKT the audio format is ogg
and for ITv we are using some theora/mp3 for multicast streams.  The
children can't understand how other computers can play some multimedia
contents and their computer don't.

On 7/17/07, elw at stderr.org <elw at stderr.org> wrote:
> > Sure.... gstreamer is my media framework, however, at least we have to
> > add support for ogg/mp3/mp4 if not is not very usefull, some time ago
> > ago i will notice that, some plans for implement those libraries on the
> > devel build?
> Some of the codecs/formats you mention are encumbered.
> You need to be looking for free alternatives.
> --e

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