[sugar] Building Sugar - error with libmatchbox

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu
Mon Jul 16 14:37:21 EDT 2007


well, what really happened here was that the tests linked with libmb,
and thus required to be linked also against libpng12.

This is the only modification you have to make to finish building if you
find the exact same problem:

On Mon, 2007-07-16 at 15:25 -0300, Rafael Barbolo Lopes wrote:
> Third Error: http://pastebin.be/3913
> Solution: Edit line 285 in the Makefile (sources/libmatchbox/tests/Makefile). Put in the end: -lpng12
> The line should be: $(LINK) $(dump_image_LDFLAGS) $(dump_image_OBJECTS) $(dump_image_LDADD) $(LIBS) -lpng12 

Of course this is a really bad hack, so if someone knows better what's
going on, please tell.



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