[sugar] getting the real player plugin to work with the browser

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpg
Wed Jan 31 00:14:27 EST 2007

On Tue, 2007-01-30 at 19:30 -0500, Erik Blankinship wrote:
> Can anyone walk us through the steps to get the real player plugin to
> work the browser?
> Calling
> rpm -i RealPlayer10GOLD.rpm 
> doesn't cause any errors, but real video still don't show up when
> embedded into html files as a plugin.
> Anyone got this to work yet?

It would be useful to know which files the rpm is actually installing.
There is a fix in the latest sugar which will make it find plugins
in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins. In the meantime you can play with the
MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH env variable.


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