[sugar] Is it possible to reprogram gamepad keys?

Jake B otakuj462
Wed Dec 26 19:29:51 EST 2007

I see that my proposed use-case has already been considered:
Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get it to work. D-Pad seems to pan up,
down, left and right, and the gampad buttons appear to map to page up,
page down, go to the top of the page and go to the bottom of the page,
even when in handheld mode.
I'm using a recent joyride. I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me
determine what is going on.


On Dec 22, 2007 3:53 PM, Jake B <otakuj462 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, I'd like to reprogram my gamepad keys to provide richer experience
> for when I'm browsing the web and my XO is in tablet mode. I would
> like one button to send a Tab event (for traversing hyperlinks on a
> page), and one to send an Enter event (for following links). Right
> now, the laptop UI does not provide an easy way to browse the web
> while in tablet mode. I think this is a fairly common use-case that
> could be applied beyond me.
> I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could offer me advice on how
> to achieve this.
> Please let me know. Thanks.
> Jake

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