[sugar] lots of scrolling in activities-list

Mikus Grinbergs mikus
Wed Dec 5 16:22:16 EST 2007

>> We have a completely new approach to this on the table, which will be
>> discussed and hopefully placed into the roadmap soon.

In cyberspace, information is often stored in a hierarchy of 
directories (with the higher-level directories serving to organize 
access to the the information).  OLPC is substituting a single-level 
Journal, with extensive filter capabilities to organize the view of 
(i.e., access to) the information according to the user's intent.

Both approaches serve to exclude those items not pertinent to the 
current access purpose.

If the activities-list were to be organized hierarchically, let me 
suggest a "tabbed" selection path:  Let the user select a "tab" 
(e.g., "card games"), then select a specific activity shown within 
that tab (e.g. "Klondike solitaire").  [If need be, 'tabs' 
themselves can be hierarchical ("card games" tab within "games" 
tab).  Think of 'tabs' as providing a _visual_ access filter.


p.s.  I believe the purpose of organizing stored information is to 
facilitate subsequent access to that information.  But sometimes the 
  mechanics involved in specifying the organizing "details" can 
interfere with the thought process of the user who is adding the 

For example, in FireFox3 the action of 'bookmarking a page' will ask 
for meta-information to be used to locate that entry, although at 
that moment the user's main focus might simply be in "marking" that 
page, without being diverted into considering  "Why will I want to 
access this page again?".

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