[sugar] lots of scrolling in activities-list

Christoph Derndorfer e0425826
Wed Dec 5 14:08:04 EST 2007

Hello all,

I finally had a chance to play with our B4s and build 648.

Given that a number of additional activities are now available compared 
to previous builds I do find the scrolling in the activities list to be 
a bit tiresome.

Especially when I think about these laptops being in use for several 
months, children having downloaded more activites, maybe additional 
activities will be deployed by local groups or ministries of education. 
That can easily result in upwards of 30 or 40 activities being installed 
on any given machine.

Shouldn't we try to come up with a better (or at least offer an 
alternative) approach to handling these lists of activities? (How about 
a "start" button for example?;-)

Maybe categories or something?

What do you think?

(OLPC Austria)

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