[sugar] How to get the Bundle Path from another activity.

Dan Williams dcbw
Fri Aug 31 07:38:32 EDT 2007

On Fri, 2007-08-31 at 03:05 +0000, Nathana?lL?caud? wrote:
> I'm trying to fix this issue : http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/2994 but I'm a bit
> in the dark.
> The problem is that the Pippy Activity needs to list files that are in the
> TamTam Activity directory.  What would be the best way to access the TamTam
> directory from Pippy without hardcoding the path ?
> Bert suggested replacing /usr/share/activities/TamTam.activity by
> SUGAR_PREFIX/share/activities/TamTam.activity
> The problem with this is that in jhbuild the activity folder is usually in
> ~/Activities...
> The actual problem is that the sounds in TamTam need to be placed in a shared
> space on the XO... But that's another story.

Well, which sounds are those?  We've got space allocated on the base
system for the general MIDI set that Dr. B has put together.


> Any suggestions ?
> Thanks,
> Nat (Flipo)
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