[sugar] How to get the Bundle Path from another activity.

NathanaëlLécaudé nat-list
Thu Aug 30 23:05:18 EDT 2007

I'm trying to fix this issue : http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/2994 but I'm a bit
in the dark.

The problem is that the Pippy Activity needs to list files that are in the
TamTam Activity directory.  What would be the best way to access the TamTam
directory from Pippy without hardcoding the path ?

Bert suggested replacing /usr/share/activities/TamTam.activity by
The problem with this is that in jhbuild the activity folder is usually in

The actual problem is that the sounds in TamTam need to be placed in a shared
space on the XO... But that's another story.

Any suggestions ?


Nat (Flipo)

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