[sugar] How to try TamTam - noob questions (sorry!)

Bert Freudenberg bert
Tue Aug 28 14:41:33 EDT 2007

On Aug 28, 2007, at 10:50 , imm wrote:

>> On 25 Aug 2007, at 17:26, Nathana?lL?caud? wrote:
>>> I have the exact same problem with TamTam in jhbuild.  It used to
>>> work fine a
>>> few weeks ago, but there was an update to alsalib and it partly
>>> broke the sound
>>> output in TamTam.  Our engine guy fixed it on the XO but it still
>>> doesn't work
>>> fine in jhbuild.  I'll try to bug him again about the issue.
> Well, now I've got sugar running reliably on a third box, I've been
> trying TamTam-37.xo on all three for comparison. All the boxes have
> different hardware, just to complicate matters, but here's what I  
> find.
> On the lowest spec box: TamTam runs, without spurious clicking. You
> can quit and restart TamTam succesfully. The latency playing notes on
> the keyboard is pretty bad.
> On the "middle" box: TamTam runs, but there is constant buzzing when
> it is active. Keyboard latency seems maybe too sluggish to be  
> playable?
> If you terminate TamTam, the process does not exit and has to be
> killed from a shell. You can not restart TamTam unless you exit sugar
> then restart it. If you try and access the TamTam.log from the
> developer console, sugar hangs up, with the sugar-console process
> totally maxed out...
> On my "best" box: Very similar to the "middle" box case, except that
> the keyboard latency is more acceptable.
> On all three platforms, if you hold a key down for several seconds,
> the sound starts warbling and becomes distorted. really does sound
> like buffer overrun problems, I think.
> Is there somewhere I can get at the parameters used to set Csound's
> buffer sizes in TamTam and "tweak" them for my hardware?

One more data point: I develop in Fedora 7 running in Parallels on a  
Mac. Installed csound via yum and TamTam 37, it works in this  
environment, although with that constant weird buzzing (and it really  
wants a 1200 screen, the UI is garbled in 1024).

- Bert -

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