[sugar] Sharing data between activities.

Carlos Neves cn
Thu Aug 23 23:44:37 EDT 2007

Ivan Krsti? wrote:
> On Aug 23, 2007, at 11:16 PM, Carlos Neves wrote:
>> But I must say I'll push as hard as I can to allow for what I'm 
>> currently doing, as it seems like a fair request, which appears not 
>> to fit the paranoid mode always needed when implementing serious 
>> security. But I insist, there has to be a solution that works both 
>> ways, we may just have to let things evolve from ideas into usable 
>> frameworks to address each shortcoming in turn.
> Can you briefly (re-)summarize which concrete use case you feel isn't 
> addressed by the duplicate file finder? Would the ability to tag files 
> as world-readable at install-time (but not runtime) address that?
> My goal, clearly, isn't to make things so "secure" that nothing works, 
> and concrete use cases like yours will help shape thinking into what 
> needs to be allowed and what needs not. Thanks for being patient as we 
> hash these things out.
> -- 
> Ivan Krsti? <krstic at solarsail.hcs.harvard.edu> | http://radian.org

I'm the one that has to thank all of you for the patience. I'm sure many 
of these arguments get repeated ad infinitum because people like me post 
before reading all the available info on the wiki...

But lets recap this:
- The duplicate file finder is one good solution, as on my side it 
implies that instead of maintaining a shared resource I maintain a 
shared repository, nothing troublesome. When can I expect to see that in 
- The shared code goes the same route as above.
- The images bundled are art done by kids on the MaMaMedia site. They 
are examples and can be trimmed down considerably, but they are also 
reasons to be proud for the kids that did them, so I guess that if we 
can keep the whole bunch, we will. The fact that they are local and 
exclusive to each activity does not make me happy, as they are assets 
for the kids, and should be in a public library. More so, the kids 
should choose to keep them or not, so some kind of datastore support for 
this would be wonderful.
- Being able to open images on a thumb drive may very well be a non 
issue after drag n drop is supported by the activity. I'm assuming some 
kind of tab will appear in the Journal for removable media.
- Searching for categorized/tagged media would be great. This would 
allow us to keep the categorized view of images, but that may not be a 
good thing, according to Eben.

I'm really sleepy and need to go to bed, now :) All in all, I guess I 
need to play a little with the datastore before I point my finger, but 
this has been very helpful, and I'll have a lot to discuss with the good 
people at World Wide Workshop, as this changes many of the targets we've 
been aiming for.

Thanks for all the help,

Carlos Neves
cn at sueste.net

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